EmailTray is a smart email notification tool that can monitor multiple email accounts and alert you when high priority messages arrive.

The program analyses your email messages and assigns a priority ranking to each (High,Low,None) based on your interaction with the sender. It then displays all your emails in a tabbed interface, organized by their priority. You can easily change the assigned priority for a sender, which will cause the program to re-classify all messages from the same person. EmailTray is not to be confused with a spam filter, it does not delete any messages, nor does it detect any spam. However, it can optionally interact with the spam folder of your email provider and alert you if it finds a message from a High priority contact in your online spam folder. The program is designed to work the way you work, depending on which messages you consider to be important, the program can alert you by sound and system tray message if important mail arrives in any of your accounts. You can even reply to messages directly from the software, no need to launch your web browser or email program. EmailTray supports Webmail (Google, Yahoo, Hotmail etc.), POP3 and IMAP systems and provides a smart setup wizard that makes it easy to set up your accounts.

“EmailTray combines features of a simple email client and an email notifier that alerts PC Users to the new email messages."


Passwords of your email accounts are stored encrypted on your PC.

  • Easy management from one mail hub.
  • Smart email ranking by importance.
  • Notification for important (only!) mail.
  • Contacts' details (Facebook, LinkedIn).
  • Good mail recovery from spam.
  • Instant message search.
  • Manage all emails from one place:

    EmailTray will help you manage several email accounts at once, including those based on Webmail, POP3 and IMAP.

  • Have your emails ranked intelligently:

    EmailTray will analyze your read/respond/delete/forward actions, as well as interconnections between email senders, to rank incoming emails by importance.

  • Be notified about important mail:

    EmailTray will notify you about new important emails with a pop-up ticker and sound – regardless of whether you have a browser or other email client opened.

  • Have good mail rescued from spam:

    EmailTray will scan the Spam boxes of all your accounts to recover important messages mistakenly trapped by spam filters.

  • Feel safe about your personal data:

  • See real people behind the emails:

    EmailTray will enrich your email communication with your contacts' information from their social profiles on Facebook and LinkedIn.

  • EmailTray For the Android-based mobile device:

    There is also an version for the Android-based mobile device that you can check out HERE!




OS Requirements:

Win XP/Win Vista/

Win 7/Win8



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