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My Movie Manager is yet another movie collection managing software for windows that helps you catalogue your personal collection on your hard disk.It can automatically Identify movie files & fetch movie details from IMDb. It organizes movies automatically into genres and enables searching for a movie by diff criteria. Also you can mark movies as watched and maintain a favourite list. You can rate a movie too. You can play the movies directly with just a click. All together, it woks as a front end for your movie collection. If you love movies, you will love this software for sure. This is the first version.

“My Movie Manager a simple yet useful Movie collection manager for Movie Lovers.”


  • It can scan your computer's harddisks or even network harddisks for movie files, identify the movies automatically, and download all basic details about each movie from internet, and creates a local database of your movie collection. It can identify a movie irrespective of the filenames, as it uses a unique hashing method, supported by to identify your movies. The accuracy of movie identification is more than enough to make you excited, only 2 or 3 files were wrongly identified in my collection of 200 movies. You can always use the edit button, to correct a movie file in case it is wrongly identified.

  • Play, or Open the folder of the movie you desire, directly from the software just by a click, or pressing enter. You no more need to waste time by searching your computer for movies. MyMovieManager lists all your movies at one place.

    You can add as many folders as you like, and MyMovieManager is able to look for movie files inside those folders, its subfolders in a recursive manner.

  • All the basic details about the movie will be downloaded and displayed (such as director, actors, plot,imdb rating etc). The details are stored offline so that you don't need to connect to Internet everytime.

  • You can search for a particular movie, for the title of movie, director, any of actors etc.

    -for example if you wish to look for the movies in your collection in which Leonardo Dicaprio has acted, just type his name on search, choose "cast" from the menu press enter. there you are, you can see all the movies in your collection, in which  he acted.

  • Filter movies using genres. For ex: if you want to see only the films marked as "Adventure", just choose it from the dropdown menu, and there you are. Films will be automatically marked as, Adventure, Comedy, Animation etc, by My Movie Manager.

  • You can mark a movie as watched, you can list movies that are watched, not watched, or all.

  • You can sort the movie according to title(alphabetical order), year(latest to oldest or oldest to latest), IMDb rating etc.

  • It can list movies according to the date they have been added to your collection, so that you can always see the latest ones in your collection at the top.
  • You can mark a movie as favourite, so that you can keep a favourite list of movies in your collection.
  • If you don't care about the IMDb User Rating of a Movie, you can yourself rate a movie out of 10, and store it. Sometimes it happens that a film will have good IMDb rating (voted by many users), but you just didn't like that movie. Here you can keep your own rating for all of your movies
  • Well, if you are not satisfied with the details you have in MyMovieManager you can just click a button on top right and it will open your browser and will navigate to a page where you can see all the details of that movie.(


OS Requirements:

Win 98/Win 2000/Win 2003/

Win XP/Vista//Win 7


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3 Responses to “My Movie Manager”

  1. Henrie says:

    All My Movies is much better!

  2. If you are interested in evaluating the Movie Zamlr movie collection manager when it comes out, take a look at and sign up. It will be a web-based solution and it will be able to recommend new movies you haven’t seen.

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