4t Tray Minimizer – Free Edition


4t Tray Minimizer enables you to minimize any application window to the System Tray.

The program adds an addition set of button to each windows (adjacent to the Maximize/Minimize buttons) that allow you to send the application to the system tray with a click of your mouse.


In addition, you can also set the window to be always on-top, make it transparent or roll it up. Additional features include customizable keyboard shortcuts and more.

“4t Tray Minimizer is a easy-to-use utility that lets you running applications minimized in the system tray."


Desktop Enhancements:

  • Ability to customize the action when clicking on the standard window buttons.
  • Additional title bar buttons:

    Minimize to tray, Roll up/down, Stay on top and Make transparent. These buttons are customizable – you can set up their order or turn off any of them.

  • Customizable additional items into a window menu. You can call the window menu by right click on the window title bar or by click on the top-left window icon.
  • Additional items into a taskbar pop up menu, which can be activated by right click on the taskbar button (Shift + right click under Windows 7).
  • Hides system tray icons:

    4t Tray Minimizer can hide the system tray icons to let you easily read the buttons on your taskbar. To make the system tray reappear, simply place the mouse cursor at the edge of the task bar, where the system tray is hidden.

  • Launches Desktop programs from the system tray:

    You can quickly launch the Desktop icons even if a lot of windows occupy Desktop.

Application and window actions:

  • Minimize to tray:

    You can minimize to tray such well-known applications as Outlook, Outlook Express, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Thunderbird, Sunbird and others. 4t Tray Minimizer lets you to use various ways to minimize application to tray: extra Minimize to tray title bar button; left/right click on the minimize button; left click on the close button; Minimize to tray keyboard shortcut; additional Minimize to tray item in a window menu; auto-minimization to tray when an application is launched at start-up, when it stays inactive or when it is minimized.

  • Hide an application:

    (without showing its tray icon). You can hide any application without displaying its icon into the system tray.

  • A lot of ways to restore an application which was minimized to tray.
  • Minimize to tray all applications and Restore all application:

    You can quickly minimize to tray and restore all running applications.

  • Roll up/Roll down:

    You can roll up any window to its title bar.

  • Make transparent:

    You can make semi-transparent any window to take a look at background windows.

  • Stay on top:

    You can make any important window always on top.

Hot keys;

for the active window:

  • Maximize window keyboard shortcut maximizes the active window.
  • Minimize window keyboard shortcut minimizes the active window.
  • Minimize to tray keyboard shortcut.
  • Hide an application without showing its tray icon keyboard shortcut.
  • Roll up/down keyboard shortcut.
  • Make transparent keyboard shortcut.
  • Stay on top keyboard shortcut.


for all windows:

  • Minimize all windows keyboard shortcut minimizes all windows to the taskbar
  • Minimize all windows to the system tray keyboard shortcut
  • Restore all hidden windows keyboard shortcut

For the favorite application:

  • Launch the favorite application keyboard shortcut
  • Minimize the favorite application to the system tray keyboard shortcut
  • Restore the hidden favorite application keyboard shortcut
  • Minimize all instances of the favorite application (to the taskbar) keyboard shortcut
  • Minimize all instances of the favorite application to the system tray keyboard shortcut
  • Restore all instances of the favorite application keyboard shortcut




OS Requirements:

Win 95/Win 98/Win Me/Win NT/

Win 2000/Win XP/Vista/

Works also on Win 7



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