Power Mixer


Power Mixer is an advanced Windows audio mixer, and also a complete replacement for the standard Volume Control.

Power Mixer lets you easily change the sound volume by rotating the mouse wheel or by using keyboard hot keys.


It includes an audio mixer with advanced volume controls support, a scheduler, an on-screen display, command line support; and the ability to store and recall different unlimited pre-sets via one mouse click or system-wide hot keys. With the presets, you can change all parameters of sound simultaneously. The program is designed to be especially useful for those who play games, work professionally with sound, or are everyday users.


The publisher of this program has done a great job on this version. There are a couple of changes that can be regarded as remarkable improvement over previous versions. Some of these changes and updates include the following; addition of language support for Greek, addition for adjusting volume by mouse wheel/click for multiple audio controls, addition of default audio device as target for any tasks, addition of scheduler events ‘Run on Session Start/End’, addition of Button into scheduler to run task, and addition of option to display OSD for any changes of volume and mute.

“Power Mixer is an advanced Windows audio mixer, a complete replacement for the standard Volume Control.”


  • User-friendly, multilingual interface with themes support.
  • Quick volume adjusting by simply rotating the mouse wheel.
  • Supports advanced volume controls such as bass and treble, etc.
  • Unlimited, fully customized user presets for quick volume setup.
  • Quick changing the selected volume controls by using desks.
  • Customizable hot keys for any volume control, preset or desk.
  • Peak level meter for real time audio monitoring.
  • Works with multiple sound cards simultaneously.
  • Vista gadget to control volume from sidebar.
  • Supports changing the speaker configuration.
  • Supports changing default audio device.
  • Fine volume tuning from 0 to 100.
  • Supports Audio Tapers for volume controls.
  • Built-in scheduler with greater facilities.
  • Displays main volume value in the tray icon.
  • On-screen display for perfect volume adjustments.
  • Command-line support for use in a batch file or script.
  • Automatic loading of the program at the system start-up.
  • Can work as service or as an ordinary application.
  • Supports all features of the standard volume control.

Supported languages

  • English
  • Afrikaans (thanks to Johann Lochner)
  • Arabic (thanks to Jynx D5)
  • Brazilian Portuguese (thanks to Milton Chaves de Almeida)
  • Bulgarian (thanks to Asparouh Kalyandjiev)
  • Catalan (thanks to Buyaicia)
  • Chinese (thanks to Kang Chuanjiang)
  • Croatian (thanks to Igor Kraljic)
  • Czech (thanks to Benda Radek)
  • Dutch (thanks to Omer Yasar Can)
  • Estonian (thanks to Gert Kivirand)
  • Finnish (thanks to Jussi Ritola)
  • French (thanks to Renaud Smets)
  • German (thanks to Sven Rowoldt)
  • Hebrew (thanks to Erez Goldshide)
  • Hungarian (thanks to Hevesi Janos)
  • Italian (thanks to Marco D'Amato)
  • Korean (thanks to Taewon Yun)
  • Norwegian (thanks to John Richard Gothard)
  • Polish (thanks to Maciej Haudek)
  • Russian (thanks to Dmitry Grishin)
  • Serbian (thanks to Branislav Serdar and Marko Volf)
  • Spanish (thanks to Tomas Cerda Perez)
  • Swedish (thanks to Leif Larsson)
  • Turkish (thanks to Alper Ozgur)
  • Ukrainian (thanks to Taras Gaman)




OS Requirements:

Win 95/Win 98/Win Me/Win NT4/

Win2000/Win 2003/

Win XP/Vista/

Win 7


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