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Do you often find yourself looking for a program in the long list of the Start menu?

Well I recommend you install the Handy Start Menu, a small utility that will make your computation much easier and more…

Handy Start Menu is a system add-on for the Start menu. It allows you to create categories for all the items of your Start menu and to replace the "All programs" pop-up menu with a different one that seems to do a better job of displaying elements.


By default, the application creates 7 categories: Office, Utilities, Internet, Music and Video, Miscellaneous, and Without Category. The number of apps in each category is displayed between brackets.


At first, I didn't like that my "All programs" menu was replaced, and I couldn't get to like that little menu that is shown when you move your mouse over "All programs", but after a while I stopped noticing the change and I did like that all my apps were grouped in categories. Handy Start Menu did a good job of placing each app in a category as well. You can of course move apps around the categories but you can't create the new ones. This is all done via the system tray icon, which opens a new window called Category Manager. From the notification area, you can also temporarily go back to the standard "All programs" by disabling this tool.

“Handy Start Menu  enables you to  save space in your Start menu. It can be uninstalled quite easily and it doesn't slow down the system at all.”


  • Down with Long Lists!
  • The days of massive lists in your Start menu are gone. Now you can have short and handy lists of programs. Thanks to Handy Start Menu, you can automatically group and reduce useless items. Your standard Start menu will become shorter and simpler.
  • Quick Start:

    Use Handy Start Menu to start applications much more quickly. Just click on a folder with the name of an application, and Handy Start Menu will do the rest

  • Clean Desktop:

    You will no longer have to create piles of shortcuts on your desktop to run applications. Access to all programs from the Start menu becomes so easy and convenient that you will need the desktop only for beautiful wallpapers.

  • Handy Menu in a Snap:

    Handy Start Menu is just a more convenient way of representing the content of the Start menu; it doesn't modify files and folders physically. At any time, you can easily restore the standard look of the Start menu by disabling Handy Start Menu.

Handy Start Menu-Homepage
OS requirements:
Win XP/Vista/Win 7

Download - Handy Start Menu

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