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If you are looking to monitor changes made to any folder or file content, then you can try Watch 4 Folder.

It is a freeware tool to monitor folders and files activities. You can set a monitoring process with just 4 simple quick steps and then minimize the tool to the system tray. It can monitor 15 different types of events and execute different actions in case of an event. It can write the log into a file, so that you can have a look at the changes made.

"Watch 4 Folder is a nice portable utility which does the job of monitoring any folder or file on your PC."


Select the monitoring events you want to monitor for any folder, the available monitoring events are:

  • File create.
  • File Delete.
  • File Change.
  • File Rename.
  • Association Change.
  • Free Space change.
  • Folder Create.
  • Folder Delete.
  • Folder Rename.
  • Folder Change.
  • Media Insert.
  • Media Remove.

You can set the application to run the batch file in case of any changes made to the folder or file contents. Once you start the monitoring, the application runs from the system tray. You can save the monitoring configuration to use it again, in fact you can save as many configuration files as you want.


OS requirements:
Win XP/Vista/Win 7

(32-Bit And 64 Bit)

Download - Watch 4 Folder

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  1. ZzzZ says:

    Watch 4 Folder v2.5 is available here:

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