fishCode Library .NET (Free Note Edition)

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fishCode Library .NET (Free Note Edition) is a personal notes and information management system that stores all your data in a .mdb database file.

You can create multiple database files, each with unlimited items and sub-items. The program supports rich text entries with formatting and you can insert images, emoticons and even browser or desktop snipped with the built-in capture tool. You can also include links to websites, local files/folders, add file attachments and create dependencies between notes.Other features include database backup, drag&drop support, auto-text snippets (to insert frequently used text), import/export, database search and more. fishCode Library .NET is portable and does not require installation.

"fishCode Library .NET (Free Note Edition) allows you to store all of your notes and information in an easy-to-use standalone application."


  • Multiple databases open at same time (Unlimited Databases and Nodes)
  • Full-Featured Text Editor(hyperlinks, tables, pictures, and OLE objects support…and more.
  • Depend/Merge/Move/Protect/Bookmark/Print nodes…and more.
  • Import/Export node information from/to xml/txt/rtf files.
  • Import/Export note information from/to txt/rtf/htm/mht/doc/xml/odt/pdf/xps file.
  • Full-Text Search (Google-like search e.g: aa bb cc, "aa bb" cc)
  • Full support of Unicode.
  • Drag and Drop Everywhere.
  • History navigation…and more.
  • Free, Simple and Standalone.
fishCode Library .NET (Free Note Edition)  requires the .Net Framework 2.0 or higher that you can obtain HERE


OS Requirements

Win 2002/Win 2003/
Win XP/Vista/Win 7Download - fishCode Library .NET (Free Note Edition)

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