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eXtra Buttons lets you add up to 9 additional buttons to the title bar of each window.

It allows you to minimize the window to the tray, keep it on-top, send it to the background, adjust the window's transparency and more. There are three options for minimizing windows, you can add them to the system tray as icon, add them to a common tray icon (launch menu) or minimize them as icons to your desktop, keeping your system tray and taskbar less cluttered. If you don't need all these options, you can choose to remove the buttons you don't want. All options are also available if you right-click on the title bar of a window. eXtra Buttons works with all Windows Explorer windows and many third party applications.

"Extra Buttons is a nice a application that adds new buttons to the windows title bar, next to the normal buttons of minimize"


  • Convenience and functionality:

    It is very simple to get used to eXtra Buttons. There are so many useful functional features, that you won't even notice the change of the way you work with computer.

  • Does not need special skills for use:

    Using buttons as simple as using standard buttons "Minimize", "Maximize" and "Close".

  • Completely built into system:

    You won't spot any look and feel difference with standard buttons while using eXtra Buttons. And because they are using native Windows' system functions, they will always appear according to your desktop theme.

  • Tightly integrated solution:

    eXtra Buttons works in all windows versions starting from Windows 98 and including the latest Windows 7

The set of buttons can be redefined at any moment eXtra Buttons represents following set of additional buttons:

  • Minimizes window to its caption, so you can see only caption line with the title of the window.
  • Minimizes window and places its icon on the Desktop in adjusted arrangement.
  • Makes the window transparent according to adjusted level. You may adjust any default transparency level.
  • Makes the window transparent according to percents from pop-up Transparency Menu.
  • Minimizes window and places its icon to System Tray.
  • Minimizes window and places its icon to System Tray Menu You can always change quantity and sequence of buttons to use only what is necessary.
  • Always on top:

    Places window on the top of the other windows, so that be always visible whether or not it has the focus.

  • Send to back:

    Places window under others, so it will not bother you.

  • Copy window:

    Starts a copy of the application in the new window.

  • Roll-up/Unroll:

  • Minimize to Box:

  • Transparency:

  • Perentage transparency:

  • Minimize to Tray:

  • Minimize to Tray Menu:

  • Applications blacklist:

    Add application to the blacklist if you do not want eXtra Buttons to appear.

  • Hot-key for each of eXtra Buttons:

    You may assign any valid keyboard and shift key (including <Alt> and <Ctrl>) combination for each of eXtra Buttons. Use of this combination will have the same result as clicking the button with a  mouse.

  • eXtra Buttons starts on system start-up.

OS requirements:
Win XP/Vista/Win 7

Download - eXtra Buttons

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