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It’s rare that we’ll go out of our way to review new "P2P" programs, but Gygan is definitely a file sharing application worthy of a closer inspection.

Gygan is a Windows app for sharing and sending large files quickly – users can upload & download any file size & type, as many files as you want, and get unlimited transfer speed (even for free users!). There’s a lot to cover here, but Gygan might just be the next-gen breakthrough in which how files are shared. I’d consider Gygan to be a hybrid file sharing app; something of a cross between a DDL hoster, a seedbox, a download client, and an internal indexer. Gygan effectively incorporates a number of great features that can be found through other file sharing protocols, and rolls them all into one primary service. The Gygan application is approximately 8.52MB in size and the installation is quick and painful. Once the program is started (make sure that it’s not blocked by firewall or antivirus software), you will be prompted to enter username and password, or to create account if you don’t have any. Once you have created your account (either free or paid) and entered your credentials, user-friendly interface shows up and all you have to do is to enter desired search term into corresponding field, click search and download desired file from the list that appears below.

“Gygan is great for sharing large HD home videos and hi-res photos with your friends and family, or distributing software to your clients, partners, and customers.”


  • Highest download speeds guaranteed! Both free and paid users get maximum bandwidth.
  • Free Uploading:

    Upload unlimited files, FREE. All accounts have unlimited uploading.

  • Free Downloading:

    2GB of free downloading to use when you create a free account.

  • Unlimited File Size:
  • Share any file size. Large HD home video files or high-res photos.
  • Any File Type:

    Upload and download videos, photos, music, and documents.

  • Public or Private:

    Share your files with everyone, or upload privately and share with only the people you want.

  • Feeds:

    Create and Subscribe to content feeds. Video download feeds and more.

  • Unlimited Storage:

    Upload thousands of files, or upload one. You never run out of storage space. Uploading is FREE!

  • Unlimited Speed: Highest download speeds guaranteed! Both free and paid users get maximum bandwidth.

OS requirements:
Win 2000/Win XP/

Vista/Win 7

Download - Gygan

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