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Still struggling to find the right tool to write all your notes and remind you about your tasks? well today I did found a software named Easy Notes, it has an intuitive and friendly interface and it has lots of cool features.

With Easy Notes, each sticky note behaves like a small word processor with rich text formatting. If you desire an alternative to a paper notepad, Easy Notes offer the Note Tree tool. It sorts your notes hierarchically.

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If you have a need for a diary, there is a calendar. It gives an overview of days with attached notes and tasks. And to ensure reliability, Easy Notes saves these notes as you modify them. It behaves just like the real paper notes. Printing, recycle bin, stay-on-top, export, import, hyperlinks, rolling, highlighting, templates, etc. are matter of course.Easy Notes abilities do not stop at notes.

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To edit files, a multi-role editor called DocPad is an integral part of Easy Notes. For example, you can use it as a word processor and HTML editor at the same time. DocPad has Multiple Document Interface, tabbed browsing and a tree to organize files, notes and tasks into a logic structure of your choice.Speaking of tasks, try them to have a track of your activities. While you can assign a deadline to each task, it wont yell at you to leave everything else and to finish the task immediately. Instead, Easy Notes offer a comfortable view into a near future, where a priority shows for each task.

“Easy Notes are vast application with many features and their description goes far beyond a brief description such as this one. With an intuitive and user-friendly interface, a lot of functionality awaits you. Just try Easy Notes for free and find yourself familiar with the program.”




  • Intuitive & friendly interface.
  • DocPad – a multi-role editor.
  • Four replacements for a paper notes: sticky notes, calendar, note tree and tasks.
  • Note bin holds deleted sticky notes until they are removed permanently.
  • Simultaneous editing of any number of documents.
  • Searching for text in any kind of document.
  • Tasks and note tree use a tree structure to sort documents hierarchically.
  • Trees support drag & drop actions.
  • Ability to use MS Office filters for import and export.
  • By default, Easy Notes sit minimized to tray icon all the time to save your working space .
  • Printing and print preview.
  • Extensibility with plug-ins.
  • Use of transaction-enabled database.
  • Install and uninstall functions.


  • Multi-role file editor.
  • Number of recognized file formats is given by available plug-ins.
  • DocPad is able to edit all paper notes replacements.
  • DocPad lets you to organize files, notes and tasks into a logic structure of your choice.
  • DocPad can display tree items individually with highlighting, custom font and images.
  • RichEditor – word processor with rich text formatting.
  • PlainEditor – text editor with syntax highlighting and many more.

Text Bodies of Documents, RichEditor:

  • Rich Text Format.
  • Paragraph formatting.
  • Bullets and numbering.
  • Replacing a text with a content from an external file.
  • Search and replace.
  • URL support including automatic detection of typed URLs.
  • Clipboard includes Paste Special.
  • Undo & Redo.
  • Optional paste of HTML source URL.
  • Paste of a plain text to loose undesired text formatting.
  • Templates to define default content and formatting.
  • Print preview (RichEditor, PlainEditor, NoteTree and tasks.


  • Syntax highlighting for more than 50 syntaxes.
  • Code page detection and conversion.
  • Search and replace.
  • Undo & Redo.
  • Optional paste of HTML source URL
  • Paste of HTML blocks such as table and list with data source.
  • Insertion of GUID, MD5, File/Folder/System Time.
  • Colour tool with RGB, HSL, Gradient and WebSafe color schemes.
  • Search on Google and MSDN.
  • Print preview.

Sticky Notes:

  • Can be minimized into a floating bars to save your workspace.
  • Can be "pinned" onto the desktop to always stay above other windows.
  • Each note may have associated one ShellExec link to execute system. command/run some program, etc.
  • Possibility to change caption – text as well as colour.
  • Possibility to change note's background colour.
  • Note is deleted either into a bin first, or permanently.


  • Can be "pinned" onto the desktop to always stay above other windows.
  • One note per one day .
  • View over entire month and several surrounding days with indication of noted days.
  • Caption showing selected day with custom formatting.

Note Tree:

  • Possibility to insert OLE objects into document.
  • Insertion of pictures via OLE.
  • Possible to insert links to files as OLE objects.
  • Possible to paste HTML source code instead of HTML formatted text.
  • Symbol and date/time inserting.
  • Date/time insert dialog offers system and custom formatting masks.
  • Each node in the tree is a note too.
  • Print preview.


  • Possibility to show up listing of due & today tasks, if any, on a start-up.
  • Subject, priority, status, deadline, flag, links, and text body per each task.
  • Possibility to sort view on tasks of selected folder by any of task properties.
  • Special folder to view due & today tasks.
  • Special folder to view tasks per their deadlines.
  • Organization of tasks into folders in a tree structure.
  • Possibility to insert OLE objects into task's text.
  • Insertion of pictures via OLE.
  • Possibility to insert links to files as OLE objects.
  • Symbol and date/time inserting.
  • Date/time insert dialog offers system and custom formatting masks .
  • Print preview.

Settings & Options:

  • Dynamic transparency for sticky notes and calendar windows
  • Initial parameters for newly created sticky notes.
  • Internal compression of documents.
  • Compacting of data file on start-up.
  • Change of your data file to another.
  • Diagnostic routine to analyze and repair data file content.
  • Statistics view on all documents.
  • Auto run.
  • Programmable actions fpr clicking on the tray icon with mouse.
  • Delayed startup to avoid conflicts with other automatically starting applications.

Target Platform, Pricing & Licensing:

  • Full version available as shareware.
  • Limited version available as freeware.
  • Only $19.95 for registration code for personal use of full version.
  • Registration codes are valid for all past, present and future versions!.


  • Possibility to translate into any language and to adjust look and position of controls.
  • Currently available in English, German and Japanese
  • SDK.
  • A lot of minor features making your work easier.
  • See given awards documenting the quality of Easy Notes.


OS requirements:
Win 95/Win 98/Win Me/Win 2000/

Win 2002/Win 2003/Win 2008/

Win XP/Vista/Win 7

(32-Bit and 64-Bit)

Download - Easy Notes

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