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CometMarks is a free bookmark synchronization software. Just install CometMarks on all the computers and browsers on which you need to keep your bookmarks in sync.

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After that, whenever you bookmark a link on any browser, it will be available in your bookmarks list on all the computers and browsers. So, you don’t need to worry about keeping your bookmarks in sync any more. Another interesting feature of CometMarks is that you can access your bookmarks from web as well from any computer. Just go to website of CometMarks, login to you account, and you will see all your bookmarks. CometMarks works on IE, Firefox, and Cometbird. I wish it was compatible with Google Chrome as well.

“CometMarks is a handy browser add-on that provides real-time automatic bookmark synchronization between all different sort of browsers.”


  • Seamless Sync:

    Install CometMarks on all your computers and it will always ensure your bookmarks keep the same at all your computers. It will automatically synchronize all changes you made.

  • Web Access:

    By visiting the web interface My Cometmarks in our site, you can manage your bookmarks anytime and anywhere. Every change will be automatically synchronized to your own computers.

  • Web Browsers:

    CometMarks supports synchronizations across multi popular browsers including Firefox, CometBird and IE. Which saves you much trouble when running different browsers.

  • Frequently Asked Questions:

The FAQ can be found online HERE

OS requirements:
Win XP/Vista/Win 7

Download - CometMarks

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