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Testuff is an innovative service for managing manual software testing and reporting defects that: Saves up to 50% of debugging time by capturing a video of each test and attaching it to the bug reports.

Testuff drastically reduce the time testers spend explaining the bugs to developers and helps developers quickly reproduce and eradicate elusive bugs. Doesn't require an IT department to install and maintain.

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Testuff is an on-demand service with a desktop client application and a secure web-based backend. It saves you both time and money which can be spent on improving your software. Integrates with your bug tracker and automatically generates bug reports in it (see list of supported bug trackers). All bug reports include a link to the video recording of the test and a lot of additional useful information for reproducing and correcting bugs.

“Testuff gives you peace of mind by storing your test data on secure and routinely backed up servers that are monitored around the clock”

Testuff in 5 minutes:

  1. Download, install, register, and login. Since Testuff is an on-demand service, you only need to install the Testuff client to get started. If someone else from your company has already registered, please ask him or her to invite you to the company account.

    More about user registration >>

  2. Configure your Testuff settings. Set your environment, bug tracker, add a picture, allow Twitter integration and set your user Details

  3. Create a new test. Enter a project by clicking its link, go to the Tests tab, and click the Add test link at the bottom of the screen. Separate each step with a blank line, and use => for expected results.

    More about writing tests >>

  4. Run the test. Right click the created test and choose Run.

    More about running tests >>

  5. Record a video of the test. First, choose an area to record either using the target icon at the top of the test runner or by selecting a specific area. Don't forget to click the record button to begin recording.

    More about test video recording >>

  6. Report a defect. Either fail one of the steps in the test runner, or use the Report bug link at the top. Fill in all the details in the bug reporter and click Submit bug. The bug will then be exported to your tracker.

    More about reporting defects >>




Test Lifecycle Management:

  • Collaboration.
  • User Permissions for better group management.
  • Requirement Management.
  • Test Case Management.
  • Soft links.
  • Test cycle planning using multiple Labs.
  • Reporting Capabilities.
  • Assign tests to specific testers.
  • Monitor test status.
  • Report defects.


Test Execution:

  • Automation – API to external automation tools Test team management – Easily add and remove testers.
  • Streamlined task management queue for each tester.
  • Multiple Project support.
  • Organize tests by Projects, Branches and Hierarchical Suites.
  • Test Priorities.
  • Product version.
  • Run configuration.
  • Rich text editor – Innovative and unique interface with styles and links.
  • Hebrew and Arabic Right to left support.
  • Attached screenshots.
  • Export to HTML for easier printing and sharing.
  • Time Management Import/Export from Excel.


Defect Reporting:

  • Integrates with any bug tracker Communicate with team using Twitter integration.
  • Easy screenshot capturing.
  • Video Recorder – Records screens, mouse movements and keyboard.
  • Automatic recording while testing.
  • Attach video to the reported defect.
  • Send defect by Email.
  • Dedicated Video Recorder Dedicated Video Player.



  • Dashboard – System Status Summary Highly Secure, Authenticated and fully backed-up environment.
  • No need for a server, get started NOW.
  • Friendly, self-explanatory, no-need-for-training system.
  • Great usability, highly intuitive Easy and simple license management.


- Note -


Testuff for Mac:

Teststuff is also available for Mac and can be obtained HERE

Standalone Video Player for Mac:

The standalone video Player For Mac can be obtained HERE

Standalone Video Player for Windows:

The standalone Videro Player for Windows can be obtained HERE


The Faq can be found and accessed HERE

Online Guide:

There is also a online guide that can be accessed HERE


"Please feel free to submit your comment"


OS Requirements:

Win 2000/Win XP/

Vista/Win 7Download - Testuff For Windows

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