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MSD Organizer software seamlessly allows us to organize all our schedules, important appointments and maintains detailed contact information.

The critical factor which set this software apart from the plethora of similar products in the market is its wide coverage of various work scheduling functions.

Downloading the software does not require much effort and the installation completes almost instantaneously. When you open the software it accompanies a beautiful clock that appears on the desktop. The screen appears with different utility options with the ‘calendar management’ sheet in the middle. The work to be done is stored with the date and time. The options on the menu bar are designed perform different intricate functions. The detail information of the contacts can be stored and managed; also the alarms can be set for the works to be done by you. It would remind you of the tasks with the full description of it. The card management feature provides for the storage of business cards and information about the web pages. The software supports maintaining of personal diary and the property information. Budgets can be set up and health schedule can be recorded or maintained. The software even has the functionality to store the list of favourite music.

With the ‘union of module program’ function the need is not there to remember the work of every person or firm that you deal with. You can change the program setting according to your needs. The program has a help guide that would give you almost each and every detail. But on the downside the program becomes a bit confusing for a general user. With too many options it takes too much time to store all the details. After opening, the first look of the program may give the user a chaotic feeling.


“Despite all this the software is good for the professionals as it helps them stream line their hectic schedule”




Information stored in a modular way:

The information is managed in several modules with a very easy to use common interface. This feature allows to organize the personal, family and professional information in a simple but powerful way:


  • Calendar, Alarms and Tasks: for managing your time and activities.
  • Contacts: for managing your phone book and contacts information.
  • Cards: for managing general information.
  • Diary: for keeping a personal and/or professional diary.
  • Property and Budget: for controlling your economy.
  • Music: for managing the music you want to listen while you are using your computer.
  • Union: for finding the information no matter the module where it is stored.


Powerful relational database engine:

  • This database engine takes very few computer resources and provides great data management power.
  • Integrated in the program, it does not require external libraries.
  • Powerful data filtering capabilities, that allow to find the information you are looking for in a very fast way.
  • Data integrity control, for keeping the information safe.


Powerful tools for data finding and filtering:

The most important feature of an information manager, after populating it with information, is being able to find what we are looking for easily and fast. One of the most remarkable features of this program is a set of tools for finding and filtering the information. You will be able to find records containing some text in any field, or records modified during the last week using the following tools:

  • Filter (Ctrl-T): this tool filters the records containing some text in any field or in the field of your choice.
  • Find (Ctrl-F): this tool finds the first or the next record containing some text in any field or in the field of your choice.
  • Locate (Ctrl-L): this tool allows to locate any number of records containing some text in the description field. As you enter characters in the edit box the program shows all the records matching the entered text.
  • Union: this tool is very useful for finding information no matter the module where it has been stored.

Complete reports:

  • Many different reports of all program modules can be obtained on screen or on printer

PDF support:

  • All program reports, memo fields and rich text documents can be saved to PDF files.

Installable in USB devices:

  • The program and its data can be installed and run in any USB device. Take your information with you with ease.

“Ease of use


Comfortable and easy to use interface, similar in all the program:

  • As it is explained in the tutorial of the program, you can add (Ins), modify (Enter) and eliminate (Del) records in any module of the program in a very simple and fast way. You will also be able to view or print reports with ease (Ctrl-P).

Planners to organize alarms and tasks in a visual way:

  • The planners will allow you to organize your time and your activities in a visual way. You will be able to comfortably drag with the mouse the events from one hour to another one or from a day to another one.

Contextual menu in all the program:

  • The contextual menu, accessible by pressing with the right button of the mouse on any part of the program, will allow you to know what actions can be carried out in every part of it. This is an essential characteristic that will help you to handle the program with maximum benefit.

Integrated help in all the program:

  • Anywhere in the program press the F1 key to get information about the active module.

Quick tutorial, integrated in the program help:

  • The help of the program (F1) includes a quick tutorial that in less than 5 minutes will allow you to use it with ease.

Variable size edition dialogues:

  • The size of the edition dialogues of the program can be changed to get the best out from your screen resolution.

Maximized edition of Notes and Rich Text fields.

  • The Notes fields and the Rich Text fields can be edited in a complete screen dialog, which will allow to handle the information with more comfort.

Content indicator in the dialog tabs:

  • In the tabbed dialogs (several pages of information) the program displays a point to the left of the title of the tabs to indicate that in that page there is information.

Program iconization in the System Tray:

  • The program can be hidden in the system tray while you work with other programs (Ctrl-I). A contextual menu will be shown when pressing with the right button of the mouse on the program icon.




Aspect, colors and fonts can be customized in dialogues, tables, etc.

The multiple customization options of the program allow a more comfortable and pleasant use, according to your personal tastes:

  • The aspect of the main screen and the main modules of the program can be customized.
  • You can select the font that will appear in all the dialogues and data tables of the program, as well as the colors of the basic elements of the different screens.
  • Any image can be shown in the program background with many customization options.


Program behaviour can be customized.

The multiple behavior customization options of the program allow to adapt it to the user preferences. Among others:

  • Starting of the program when Windows starts.
  • Revision of alarms and tasks when the program starts.
  • News visualization when the program starts.
  • Memorization of position, size and parameters of each window.
  • Module to be displayed at program startup.
  • Planners behavior and customization.


Customization of the visibility and position of the columns in the data grids:

  • Display only the columns that interest you in each data grid and in the order of your choice.


“Advanced features”



  • Any record in the main modules of the program can have an unlimited number of annotations that will allow you to make a detailed pursuit of your relations with clients, suppliers, companies and contacts in general.

Passwords management:

  • These days any person visits manifold sites in Internet that ask for a user name and a password to get in. With this useful tool you can access to your bank web page, to your electronic mail and in general, to any site protected by password without having to worry about remembering the access information.

Actions associated to alarms:

Alarms can be programmed to perform different actions when you wish:

  • Make a phone call to a contact.
  • Send an email to a contact.
  • Run a program.
  • Open a document.
  • Close the program
  • Shut down Windows.


Groups with tree structure:

  • The modules that have Groups allow to organize them in form of hierarchic tree with no depth limit, which will allow you to organize the information so that it is very easy to locate when needed.

Contact associated to any record:

  • Any record of the main modules can be associated to any contact, which will allow you to create annotations in any module and to relate them to your clients, suppliers and contacts in general.

Embedded documents:

  • You can embed documents of any type (Word, Excel, pdf, ZIP, etc) in the records of the main modules, which will allow you to protect them with password and to carry them with the program data.

Word processor:

  • You can use the word processor integrated in the program to store in the program records enriched text documents, web pages, electronic mails, etc.


  • You can use the spreadsheet editor integrated in the program to store in the program records spreadsheets compatible with Microsoft Excel.

Image viewer:

  • You can store images in the records of the program. This tool allows to visualize and print them with ease.


  • Use the favorites of the program to perform frequent actions in a comfortable way: visit program groups or records, make phone calls, send electronic mails, visit web pages, open folders, run programs, etc.



Local network messenger:

  • This tool allows you to communicate with other users of the local network, sending and receiving text messages similar to the electronic mail. You can send messages to one, several or all the users who use the program in the same local network.


  • This module allows to display information at program startup. In the Multiuser version it is very useful to communicate corporation news to all program users.

Integration with Internet:

  • The program allows to visit contacts web pages or send electronic mails to them just by pressing a button (using the Windows associated programs).

Records can be sent by email:

  • The content of one record or all the available records of any main module can be sent by electronic mail. In this way you will be able to easily exchange information with other program users.

Pocket PC Synchronization:

  • You can synchronize the contacts, alarms and tasks of this program with your Pocket PC, which will allow you to have the same information in both machines.

Data Import/Export:

You can exchange information with other users of the program or with other programs:

  • The program data can be exported in a proprietary format, which can only be imported by this program. The data can also be exported in text and Html formats.
  • The program can import data in proprietary and text formats.


Data access from a local network:

  • With the Multiuser version of the program several people can share the information in a local network, with access rights control.


“Information security



You can protect the confidentiality of your data while the program is running and after exiting it:

  • While the program is running, by asking a password to open it, to open the main  modules, to recover the program from the system tray or to display alarms. This protection avoids unauthorized access to your data if you leave the computer unattended for some time.
  • After exiting the program, by packing and encrypting all the information in a single file protected by password. This protection prevents other people to access your data while the program is not running.

Data backup:

  • Use this tool to make backups that can be protected by password. It is very important to make frequent backups of your data.


“Data maintenance


Databases compression:

  • This tool allows to eliminate the empty space left by deleted records, reducing the disk space occupied by program databases.

Databases repairing:

  • This tool allows to repair the databases that could have been damaged if an unexpected computer shut down takes place.

Auxiliary databases edition:

  • You can comfortably edit the auxiliary databases used by the main modules of the program.


“Please feel free to submit your comment”


OS Requirements:

Win 95/Win 98/Win Me/Win 2000/

Win Server 2008/Win NT/

Win XP/Vista/Win 7Download - MSD Organizer

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