- Main Page - Screenshot 001 is a browser plug-in that helps you to identify and install the correct drivers for your PC.

This plug-in is offered by, a site that runs this service for free, in partnership with When installing this plug-in, be sure not to choose the "silent mode". Otherwise, it will be installed in French. You can install this plug-in to be used on a single computer, or on every computer on a LAN. Once it's installed, you need to go to’s site, where you can trigger the device detection by clicking on the "Run the Detection" button. - Summary - Screenshot 002

The plug-in will then show you a summary of the components found in your system, such as its motherboard, chipset, processor, memory, graphics card, IDE devices, drives, etc. It will also show valuable data about the performance of your system.
You can then choose to download the most recent versions of your drivers. The plug-in will then present you with a list of the drivers found for your operating system, and will offer you the possibility of downloading any of them. - Drivers Found - Screenshot 003 \The download page is a French site, but all you need to do is click over the "Download" button, so it really does not make any difference. will also allow you to share your configuration with others, by creating a link to it that you can e-mail to anyone. This link will be good only for a week if you are not registered in

“If you register (it is free) your configuration will be stored for a year, and you will be able to participate in the forums, and to create a "Signature" to use in them. supports Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Safari browsers, running under Windows.”


  • Who is this website made for?:

    First of all, it is meant to help any Windows running PC user (from geeks to newbies). From this web site you can identify and publish the hardware components of 1 to 10 shared PC. The service is entirely free and safe. The second objective of this web site is updating drivers for a Windows PC. With a few clicks, the user will obtain all the latest drivers matching his configuration. Beyond the end-user, network administrators, technical helpdesks and call-centers will also find it very useful in all its capacities.

  • The different services of the site:

    Once the hardware components have been detected, you will able to obtain in just a few clicks the latest drivers corresponding to the identified hardware. You can record your configuration on the site for free, and can get the corresponding URL to post the configuration on technical forums, e-mail and the major social networks (Facebook, etc.). The site has its own technical support forum and offers various other free services. It is possible to download the detection result (the configuration) as a PDF file. Finally, the site guides you, step-by-step, in creating a customized electronic signature, including a summary of your configuration.

  • How does My-Config technology work?:

    This technology is built around a kernel. This kernel centralizes information modules that create an XML report describing the software and hardware configuration of a PC. I especially developed drivers able to access the heart of the machine in order to directly assess its hardware components. My technology uses certified ActiveX and Mozilla NPAPI plugins, which make it accessible from a web site. In the unfolding menu, you will find the first innovative applications of this technology.

  • requires one of the Internet browsers below:

    Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Safari browsers, running under Windows.


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OS Requirements

Win XP/Vista/Win7Download -

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