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WinPatrol is a program to enhance and secure your system.

The program scans your system, using heuristics, for evidences of hijackings, malware attacks and critical changes made to your computer without permission. WinPatrol takes a snapshot of your critical system resources and alerts you to any changes that may occur without your knowledge. You will then be able to decide if you allow that change or not. The tabbed interface shows you different options. In "Start-up Programs" you can see which programs are set to be launched each time Windows starts, and remove or add the ones you want. In "Delayed Start" you can delay the start of some program that are not critical. In "ActiveX" you can enable or disable the ActiveX controls used by Internet Explorer. "IE Helpers" lets you see which helpers are in use, enabling or disabling them.  In every tab you can get more info over an item, just clicking over it. You can also see, enable or disable scheduled tasks, services, active tasks, cookies, file type associations, and hidden files.



  • Startup Programs Removing and Disabling Startup Programs.
  • IE Helpers IE Helpers – Browser Helper Objects – Toolbars.
  • Scheduled Tasks Scheduled Tasks.
  • Services Services Manager.
  • Active Tasks Removing Active Tasks.
  • Expose Hidden Files Expose Hidden Files.
  • Cookies Cookie Management and Filtering.
  • File Types Monitoring and Restoring File Type Associations.
  • Options Options – Host File/Start Page Monitoring.
  • Scotty Dealing with Repeating Alerts.
  • Scotty WinPatrol's Frequently Asked Questions.



OS Requirements:

Win 98/Win Me/Win 2000/

Win 2003/Win Server 2008/

Win NT Win XP/Vista/Win 7

(32-bit and 64-bit)Download - WinPatrol Fee Ediion

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