Windows Live Messenger for iPhone Unveiled

Windows Live Messenger for iPhone Unveiled - Screenshot

Windows Live Messenger for iPhone is unveiled now, and Windows Live Wave 4 is also on its way and will be released in June 2010.

Last year in November, Microsoft has claimed said they have plans to develop the Windows Live Messenger app on iPhone in November last year. Today, Microsoft has achieved this plan.

Microsoft also indicated that there will be a blockbuster on Windows Live Wave 4 which will be released in June of this year, that is, the iPhone version of WLM, and this version supports image sharing, chatting, social communication and other features.

In fact, it was said that Microsoft had acknowledged the market share for the Apple phone and wants to spread Messenger over to its users last year, and Microsoft was working on an iPhone App for Windows Live Messenger. Besides, the release of the Windows Live Messenger iPhone App was scheduled to alongside with Windows Live Wave 4.


Windows Live Wave 4 is on its way now and Microsoft may unveil the next generation Windows Live Messenger over the next few days.

Windows Live Messenger can help you share your stuff with whoever you want, access your stuff on the go from wherever you want, and you can also organize and create beautiful photos and videos as you like. Then, you can share all the terrific things with your friends, colleagues, and family members.

In addition, the tools in Windows Live Messenger are tightly mapped to the customer trends, and you can find the most notable customer's behavior in social networking, which didn't show up in the list a few years ago. These tools can help you deal with the onslaught of social information, and you can also try Windows Live Messenger Password Recovery.

Except for providing new ways to communicate and express yourself, you can also share photos on SkyDrive, sync your desktop mail and calendar with Hotmail, update your Messenger status on your profile, etc. with Windows Live Messenger.

At last, Windows Live Messenger for iPhone is easy to use, and you can activate or download it from Microsoft for free. They you can start a conversion with anyone you want and send emoticons, pictures, and files!

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