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Vidcoder is a ripping and transcoding application that works with both DVDs and video files. It's light, packed full of configuration options and in all, a pleasure to use.

Vidcoder is the ideal tool if you want to rip movies from DVDs or configure the encoding of video files you already have. The interface is simple and clean and there are bunches of simple features that make using it really easy. The best of these are subtitle support, the ability to queue and pause conversions and configurable presets.

When configuring your videos with Vidcoder, you'll be able to use the program's excellent configuration options to make sure you get it just right. From picture settings such as video resolution and cropping, to advanced specs such as filters and bitrate calculator, you're sure to be able to configure your videos precisely to your specifications.

Vidcoder's probably not the ideal beginner's application, as it does have lots of advanced settings that need to be configured before you start. Unfortunately, it can't deal with CSS protection, so if you want to rip from protected DVDs, you'll have to find a third party application to do the job.



  • Multi-threaded
  • MP4, MKV containers
  • H.264, MPEG-4, Theora video
  • AAC, MP3, Vorbis, AC3 passthrough audio
  • Target bitrate, size or quality for video
  • 2-pass encoding
  • Decomb, detelecine, deinterlace filters
  • Instant source previews
  • Creates small encoded preview clips
  • Pause, resume encoding


Features to be completed

  • More presets
  • Angles



Two important things to note about running VidCoder. First and most importantly, you'll need .NET 4.0 (only the client profile is needed). If you don't have it, VidCoder will prompt you to download and install it.
VidCoder can rip DVDs but does not defeat the CSS encryption found in most commercial DVDs. AnyDVD is an excellent program that can remove DVD encryption on the fly. DVD Decrypter is a free option.


VidCoder is built on .NET 4.0 Client Profile/WPF in C#.


OS Requirements:

Win Server 2003/Win Server 2008

Win XP/Vista/Win 7Download - Vidcoder

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