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Eraser is very effective, Clicking Erase Schedule will allow you to get started. First you choose a task type, and name if you like, from manual and immediate tasks to recurring ones.

Then clicking Add Data will allow you to choose what you want to erase. That part is simple! Pick a file, folder, unused space or the recycle bin to erase and hit OK.

The speed of the erasing process depends on the size of the data being erased and the type of erasing being done. In settings, there's a huge list of erase options, including erase methods with impressive names like Gutman and US Air Force. Basically, the more 'passes' Eraser takes, the more securely erased the data is, and also the longer it takes. However, a weekly recycle bin erase won't take very long even if you use the most secure method.

The most useful feature of Eraser is scheduled erasing – it's great to have an automated daily or weekly scrub of your hard drive. If you are really paranoid, Eraser will even replace erased files with files of your choice to 'allow plausible deniability'. We hope no one would ever need such a feature, but it indicates how serious Eraser is about deletion!



  • It works with any drive that works with Windows.
  • Secure drive erasure methods are supported out of the box.
  • Erases files, folders and their previous deleted counterparts.
  • Works with an extremely customisable Scheduler.


OS Requirements:

Win 98/Win Me/Win NT/Win 2000

Win Server 2003/Windows Server 2008

Win XP/Vista/Win 7Download - Eraser

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