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Mimosa is a scheduling and course planning software application for use to create timetables in any kind of school and university of varying type and size.

It is also used to schedule conferences and work-shifts in business and industry environments.Mimosa is a scheduling and course planning software for use in any kind of school and university of varying type and size. Besides academic timetabling, it is also used to schedule conferences, work-shifts and miscellaneous other tasks in business and industry environments where complex combination's of limited resources must be efficiently assigned to timetables. The application is slim, fast, flexible, user-friendly and has an extremely large capacity. It has a very rich set of efficient optimisation and interactive tools for all kind of scheduling tasks, and there are altogether 600 menu selections available, although you normally use only a very small fraction of them. Mimosa has become very popular and spread fast through the Internet to several schools and businesses in over 60 countries and on all continents.




Mimosa is suitable for:

  • All school types
  • Colleges
  • Conferences and trade fairs
  • Companies
  • Employee scheduling
  • Military units
  • Organizations
  • Resource management
  • Room scheduling
  • Specialized schools
  • Universities
  • User-definable resources
  • Work shift scheduling


Data transfer options:

  • Automatic backup of files
  • Clipboard support to import & export all data
  • MS Outlook compatible
  • Text file support to import & export all data
  • Split of master file into disjoint files
  • Synchronizing files of several simultaneous users


General features:

  • Automatic conflict checking and prevention
  • Blocking of previously assigned weeks
  • Bookings of timetable slots by all resources
  • Bookings of weeks and terms by courses
  • Calendar synchronized terms
  • Colors configurable for each course and resource
  • Combining of courses
  • Context-sensitive help
  • Course structures can be modified at each stage
  • Displaying of available resources
  • Duplicating of courses and components
  • Email and phone support
  • Fonts fully configurable
  • Free course structures
  • Group and personalized timetables
  • Hidden and visible comments
  • Imitating of previous solutions and room selections
  • Language change on the fly
  • Life-long and free software updates
  • Locking of courses
  • Manually selectable rooms for each slot separately
  • Memo box allows to adding notes to each item
  • Multi-term timetabling with variable term lengths
  • Preference storing and changing on the fly
  • Protecting of weeks and terms
  • Room capacity indicators and comparison
  • Splitting of courses
  • Tree view browsing of courses
  • User interface and screen colors configurable


Optimization tools:

  • Automatic allocating of lectures to weeks
  • Course selection optimization
  • Efficient timetable compacting optimization
  • Fixing of courses with several criteria
  • Initial assignment creation
  • Room usage optimization
  • Weighted minimization of timetable gaps



  • HTML versions of all reports (click to view real samples on web)
  • Nine report templates with user-defined report options
  • Clipboard versions of timetables and statistics
  • Timetable cells can be annotated
  • Vocabulary in reports fully customizable



  • Automatic and synchronized view of all linked timetables
  • Block default length selectable
  • Book-marking and backtracking of timetable changes
  • Copying of timetables across terms and weeks
  • Fully interactive timetabling environment
  • Hints displayed for optimal assignments
  • Move of blocks (single-click, manual & automatic)
  • Redo up to last 1000 actions
  • Swap of blocks (single-click, manual & automatic)
  • Undo up to last 1000 actions
  • What if? tool when inserting lectures into timetables


Other tools:

  • Automatic conversion from class to personalized timetables
  • Block scheduling schema
  • Capacity bottleneck locator
  • Cloning of solutions across terms
  • Cycling timetables schema
  • Intake scheduling schema
  • Slot timetables schema
  • Student selection schema


Maximum capacity:

  • Teachers, rooms, groups/students, equipment: 8191 (max)
  • Clipboard formats to transfer data: 40
  • Codes: 15 characters (max)
  • Courses: 8191 (max)
  • Days in each week: 7 (max)
  • Keyboard shortcuts: 50
  • Menu selections: 600
  • Names: 63 characters (max)
  • Resources combined in each course: 240 (max)
  • Simultaneous users from several workstations: 255 (max)
  • Slots in each day: 30 (max)
  • Sorting criteria for course and resource data: 32
  • Buttons: 250
  • Terms/weeks in each file: 255 (max)
  • Timetables in each file: 300,000 (approximately)
  • Total timetable cells: 53550 (=7x30x255)


OS Requirements:

Win 98/Win Me/Win 2000/

Win XP/Vista/Win 7Download Mimosa

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