Yet Another (remote) Process Monitor

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Yet Another Process Monitor (YAPM) may be only another process monitor, as its own name states, but it's certainly not just any process manager. This complete tool makes a thorough analysis of everything that's currently going on active processes, services, jobs, tasks, network connections and more on the system.

It can be used as an alternative to the standard Windows tool, or as a replacement. The interface in Yet Another Process Monitor is very informative, but easy enough to read and use at the same time. Data is divided into several tabs and all featured actions (kill, pause, set priority…) are available both from the top menu bar or the context menu in the item list.

Yet Another Process Monitor does include loads of information about each active service, process or task. You'll be able to look them up in Google, find out their threads and dependencies, search for their windows and even check whether they have any associated network connection.

Yet Another Process Monitor also includes extra tools to control the system's performance, see a list of hidden processes, check network statistics and more. These tools are a bit hidden at the top of the interface though, with no clue at all about their function, so you'll have to try them all to discover their purpose.

With Yet Another Process Monitor you can have full control over everything on your system: processes, tasks, services, network connections, processor and RAM usage, and more!



  • Local and remote monitoring.
  • Module and thread management.
  • Job management : allows to add some processes to a job and set limits to the job. ; this affects all the processes in the job. For example, user can set an unique priority for all processes, a maximum memory usage for each process in the job…etc.
  • Handle management (keys, files, semaphores…etc. opened by a process)
  • View of TCP/UDP connections opened.
  • Windows management (opacity, position, show, hide…)
  • Window' find' process feature : allows to find the process associated to a window via a drag & drop over the screen
  • Emergency Hotkeys feature : allows to associate a custom shortcut to a custom action (for example : Ctrl+Shift+Suppr to close the window which is on foreground)
  • Privilege management : allows to view and modify the privileges of processes.
  • Build-in hex editor to view memory of processes.
  • "Log mode" to monitor all actions made by a specific process.
  • Find Hidden Processes feature to detect basic hidden rootkits.
  • Local and remote shutdown.
  • Dependency viewer.
  • Powerful Service creator to create new service on a local or remote machine.
  • System Snapshot feature : allows to save a snapshot of the system. A System Snapshot File is created and can be explored on another system by an expert. Ideal for remote assistance.
  • … And lots & lots of other features !

Note: Requires .NET Framework 2.0


OS Requirements:

Win 2000/Win XP/Vista/ Win 7Download Yet Another (remote) Process Monitor

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