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With the soaring count of video websites over web, more and more users are getting inclined towards them for sharing and downloading their favorite videos. If you’re also a member of few of such websites, then you must have noticed that some of the video sharing websites don’t offer ‘Download’ option with the embedded videos. In such case, it becomes much frustrating and even more annoying when you’ve to search through entire web to find an apt solution. Well, if you haven’t been able to figure out an appropriate solution yet, then you must try Improved Video Downloader application.

The utility aids you in downloading different videos embedded with websites such as YouTube, DailyMotion, etc into different formats like AVI, 3GP, FLV, or MP3. It automatically detects and then downloads the video you’re watching over your web browser. Also, it is capable of working with all known browsers such as Internet Explorer, FireFox, Opera, Chrome, etc.

The Improved Video Downloade provides you with an effective tool-set to help you download your liked videos into desired format. While you’re watching a video on a webpage, the program self-detects and sets it into the download tasks. The formats buttons are placed right in front of the detected video, simply click over the desired one to let the program begin downloading the file accordingly. The progress of each download task queued up is displayed over the main program screen. The utility further lets you start, pause, or stop a certain download process at your will. In addition to these, it provides Plugins configurations where you can adjust ‘Loaded plugins settings’ or choose the ‘Get more plugins’ option. Here, both of these include settings relating the website processors and URL finders. Now you can enjoy your loved videos over your PC, mobile, or other devices, whenever you want.


  • download a videos from sites such as YouTube, and DailyMotion to your PC. Application automatically detects video you are watching in a browser, and downloads it to format of your choice: AVI, MP3, 3GP or FLV.
  • Supported, browsers including  are Internet Explorer, Chrome, FireFox and Opera.
  • You can upgrade Improved Video Downloader by loading new plugins published on the Internet using application’s own plugin management interface.
  • Auto updater feature will make sure that downloader will work even if supported sites change their HTML structure in the future.
  • resume and cancel controls are available for each download.

OS Requirements:

Windows 98, NT 4.x, 2000 XP/Vista/Win7

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